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Thursday, May 26, 2005

anyone home at the White House?

cj has posted the alert sent out by Jody Dodd about the crisis at the NPT Review at the UN. When I called the White House (202-456-1111) I never talked to a real person. I spent an hour and a half, making three different 1/2 hour phone calls (not to mention about $5 in long distance charges)and only got the boring taped recording over and over. I could have left a message on the machine, but I wanted to talk to a human being.....and never did. I was so disgusted I wrote to Jody and Mary Day to share my frustration. They suggested I share it on the WILPF blog. So, here it is.

Dear Jody, Thanks for this alert. I have sent the word out to the Catonsville branch and alerted the Baltimore branch and called several other folks as well. When I called the White House, which I've done numerous times in the past, I decided, as usual, to stay on the line for a real person.
I waited and listened to a recording for half an hour and then the recording just stopped and the line went dead. I called and listened for another half hour. This time I was getting mad. I DON'T THINK THERE IS ANYONE THERE TO TAKE COMMENTS....or we are keeping them so busy with our calls they just can't keep up. I've been wasting good long distance time, not to mention keeping my line busy for over an hour. I did manage to dust my entire apartment and clean off the kitchen counter while waiting. I'm beginning to feel like an investigative reporter. I think I'm on to something here. There are no real human beings at the White House! I'm going to try again....this time I'll clean the bathroom while waiting. If there is still no answer I might call a friend at the Balt. SUN to check it out.
I did call Sen. Barbara Mikulski's office just to let them know I think the White House comment line is a fraud. Generally she's on our side.
I'll try making my comment to the machine, but knowing the folks at 1600 Penna. Ave, those tapes probably go right down the toilet.
Sorry to be letting off steam to you....but I really am disgusted with that whole bunch! I thought you all up there in Philly would have a sympathetic ear.
Peace, Phyllis
PS. I did spend another half hour listening to the recording and then it stopped and the line went dead with a buzzing belt to the ear. Just now when I tried to call and leave a message on the White House comment machine, the recorded voice told me that "Because of today's special event the White House comment line is closed." Huh?
So, I've just sent a FAX (202-546-2461)....which the machine told me was received.

It's tough work being a citizen of democracy! But, don't tell the people of Iraq I said so.

Peace...and always, Hope. Phylup aka Phyllis Yingling


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