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Friday, May 06, 2005

Depleted Uranium Denounced

A meeting on May 3rd at Manhattan's New School University featured ex-US Attorney-General Ramsey Clark. The focus of this meeting was Depleted Uranium [DU] and its devastating effect on the US soldiers in Iraq and of course on the Iraqis. One of the speakers was a US Army veteran who said that he suffered DNA damage and attributes his baby daughter's serious birth defects to his wartime exposure to depleted uranium.

DU is leftover garbage from manufacture of fissionable uranium for bombs and nuclear power plants. The US has been using cheap and heavy DU for armor-penetrating missiles and bullets since its first war on Iraq. DU is effective, but radioactive and highly poisonous and is blamed for the alarming rise in cancer and birth defects among exposed Iraqi civilians in Metal of Dishonor, written by Clark and co-authors.

This health catastrophe in Iraq was portrayed in presentations by a photographer and by a cinematographer who spoke at the meeting. Ramsey Clark then elaborated eloquently on this problem and the mind-boggling proliferation and deployment of US nuclear weaponry.


  • Thanks for this info. Did you know that as well as being explained on Wiki you can get excellent info about Depleted Uranium at the WILPF website http://www.reachingcriticalwill.org

    Hello just found this blog - a wilpfer in the UK, Lorraine

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