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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

peace, disaster, and the flat world

Hello, It has been awhile since I've sent anything to this blog....but now I am inspired. I've been reading Thomas Friendman's "The World is Flat" which is about how technology has helped to "level the playing field" so that young people in India, China, Timbuktu, and Brazil...to name a few....now have information at their fingertips, via the web....and the power that bloggers have in revealing truth....or in making up lies. I'm less than 1/4 through the book, so I have a long way to go. I know that Tom Friedman is not exactly a liberal....but he is pretty convincing....and I know that, like it or not, communication technology is running far and away ahead of most of us.
Just two days ago, a young woman in India helped me to solve a problem I was having connecting a new computer to my old printer. What Friedman tells us about this sort of outsourcing is amazing! MRIs and CT scans are sent by US doctors to India to be read overnight. Even our US income taxes are worked on by accountants in India. This is all very well and good. Bright young graduate students in India are making $9.00 and hour....a good income for them....rather than the $25 an hour bright young graduate students in the U.S. would require. But....what about those U.S. techies? Are their jobs gone for good? And, as a born n' bred West Virginian (now Marylander). I wonder couldn't some of those young people from WV colleges and universities enrich their meager salaries by benefiting from outsourcing to Appalachia? I will write more in another blog, but I think most people don't read long pieces. Hasta la vista, amigas! Paz! Phyllis


  • Hi Phyllis. Just cathching up on the wilpf blogsite on a gloomy Sunday afternoon.
    I'm just finished reading "The World is Flat" and have been blown away by it. I've stayed away from him even tho our library has his other books and they are widely read, because my impression was that he was a conservative writer.
    I very much needed to read it to counteract two books that were recently added to our library that excoriate the religion of Islam. (Crusades were a valiant attemt to stem the assault on Christian Europe of the Middle Ages, etc. etc. in the same vein)
    I am chair of the library committee and just appalled. So I picked up the Friedman book because he has a lot to say about 9/11. Unless I am misreading him, his take is somewhat balanced. At least he does not take after the entire Islam world because of their religious beliefs.
    thank you so much for your blog. I do read them, and hope to be enlightened. Would like to hear what you think when you finish the book.
    (To balance the review in our local newsletter, I will recommend Huston Smith's, "The World's Religions" and several books by Karen Armstrong.)

    By Anonymous Genevieve O'Hara, at 2:21 PM  

  • Dear Genevieve,
    Good to hear from you. I'm still reading The World is Flat....our book group meeting is tonight, so I have to do more reading today. There are some quotes toward the end that I think are appropo to WILPF.....about the importance I having a dream for the future, and not always looking back to the past.
    My husband, Carroll, has read Huston Smith's, "The World's Regions" last year and we have read several of Karen Armstong's book. She is such an excellent thinker...and researcher.
    Do you have my email address? Drop me a line there and we can communicate that way too. I do plan to post another message from the World is Flat when I fineished reading it.
    Hope all is well with you.

    By Blogger Phyllis Y, at 8:49 AM  

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