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Monday, April 24, 2006

Operation DIVINE Strake

Just to share plans of the Department of Energy (which is responsible for our nuclear weapons program) to explode a simulated nuclear weapon bunker buster at the Nevada test site on June 2. Go to http://www.nukestrat.com/us/stratcom/gs-divinestrake.htm of Federation of American Scientists website for details.

The test is called, of all things, DIVINE STRAKE (strake is the nose cone of an airplane, a ship or an ICBM) though Diabolical strake would probably be a better name. The test could be interpreted as another demonstration of what the U.S. is getting ready to do in Iran to put pressure on the leaders of that country to give up on developing nuclear power -- perhaps by scaring their people half to death at the prospect of nuclear attack. (Not that WILPF approves of nuclear power --we think it is dangerous for many reasons -- but even worse is to threaten nuclear attack against another country, and certainly against a non-nuclear power that is not an imminent threat. The World Court has already ruled (1996) that use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is illegal under both international treaties and international customary law.

We in the Nuclear Weapons Abolition movement thought Congress had stopped research on the nuclear bunker buster -- but research continues. (Actually the U.S. already has a variety of nuclear tipped bunker busters available, but wanted to fine tune the stock.) The western Shoshone are trying to stop the test as an environmental disaster (it's on their land, after all). They've recently received support from the UN in their case against U.S. government breaking of treaties with them. The Advancing Human Rights/CEDAW and DISARM committees hope to issue a joint WILPF statement on the Shoshone and Divine Strake.

There will be demonstrations in Nevada, and the WILPF/Global Network sponsored demonstration at Vandenberg Air Force Base on May 20 will also call attention to the test and its dangers and significance.

in peace, Carol Urner
WILPF DISARM Issue Committee


  • UPDATE: The test of the 700 ton ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) bunker buster simulation with the infernal name Divine Strake has been postponed for three weeks as of May 10 (this may change again) The protest for May 28 WILL GO ON as planned. Go to the Western Shoshone Defense Project www.wsdf.org web site for details.
    I will be there representing WILPF-DISARM and the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, if you will also be there let me know as we are supposed to form affinity groups.
    I am MacGregor Eddy, my email is mindful@redshift.com and my cell phone is 831 206 5043 www.vpeaceldf.org

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