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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Introducing a New Member of Our Blog Team

The following post is by Mary Bricker-Jenkins, our incoming Program Chair. (Our membership votes on a new national board every three years and the new board's term begins at the end of our Triennial National Congress.)

mbj (Mary Bricker-Jenkins) said...
This is my first entry. Thanks to CJ for making this possible, and for presenting WILPF so beautifully. Hoping others will do the same, I'll introduce myself:

In WILPF I am on the Cuba Issues Committee (formerly a campaign) and the CEDAW Issues Committee. My special interest within the latter committee -- and in my life-- is on Economic Human Rights and, of course, their relationship to the experience of women.

A newly elected member of the board, I was able to attend one day of the April board meeting in Philadelphia. As an activist since the 1950s, I am accustomed to being in the room with awsome people, but seldom have I experienced such a stunning concentration of brilliance and commitment. Particularly notable was that nearly everyone (maybe everyone) had something informed and incisive to say.

In the rest of my life I teach Social Work at Temple University (soon to retire!) and work with Philadelphia's Kensington Welfare Rights Union and the national Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign. My home, when I'm not in Philly, is WIT's End Farm in Tennessee. (WIT's End is where you go when you're already there! The acronym stands for Women in Transition/World in Transformation.)

I look forward to our work together for peace and justice.


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