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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Friday Teaser

I feel so conflicted - yesterday, I was on information overload and couldn't express all of the things I learned and experienced. I was sure I would recap the sessions for you this morning before the opening plenary at 9. But then I ran into Libby Frank (our amazing Educational Point Person on our WCUSP leadership team, and former US Section ED and former chair of the Middle East committee, and her accomplishments are too many to list). Anyway, Libby reminded me that our leadership team really should meet for breakfast since we didn't yesterday and we leave tomorrow and I should be there at 7:30, five minutes from now. So here's the teaser about yesterday, and hopefully later I'll flesh it out:

Kim Klein Plenary, 8am
Engaging, exciting, inspiring. I took notes on my PDA, so this will be the easiest section to recap in depth.

Workshop on the Iraq War
Yesterday there were four workshop periods, so my experience is just one of many. At the Iraq War Workshop, we heard from Marge Edwards, outgoing Program Chair and Nadjia (finding her last name before next update), a Gold Star Mother for Peace. Great workshop, where I was able to plug my sister's anti-recruiting work in L.A. public schools (with the Coalition for Educational Justice, a coalition of students, parents, and teachers working to end racist testing, get the military out of our schools, and get more money for all schools, especially those in the inner city).

Workshop on Christian Zionism
learned some terms, and learned about transforming Armageddon. Officially late so not writing much.


Workshop on War, Women, Water
I was at this workshop for both afternoon sessions representing the WCUSP campaign (it was a time for outgoing campaigns and incoming campaigns to bring a united focus on issues). I learned a lot.


Changing of the Guards
in which I was dismissed from being the At Large Membership Rep and welcomed as the WCUSP Campaign Rep and we heard great speeches from Darien deLu, Sandy Silver, Tamara James, and Chris Morin.

Jeannette Rankin Play

Youth Caucus Meeting
Possibly my favorite activity of the day.


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