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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Fidel's Final Victory"

[Editor's note: this post was written by Cindy Domingo, Branch Representative on the National Board and member of the Women & Cuba Issue Committee. Cindy lives in Seattle, Washington.]

I would like to recommend folks read an article entitled, "Fidel's Final Victory" in the January/February 2007 Foreign Affairs. It deals with the transition of power that has occurred in Cuba and places it the context of U.S.-Cuba relations. As the article states, the transition of power has occurred and although the U.S. and the media can pretend that chaos will break out and a mass exodus of Cubans to the U.S. will occur - none of that has happened. Cuban society is running smoothly, services are continued to be provided and life continues. The only problem that continues is that the U.S. blockade and the corporate controlled media prevents us from hearing accurate news of what is happening in Cuba or seeing it for ourselves.

The transition for power happened and the Cuban exile community will not be returning home to reclaim anything. The Cuban people won't allow that - it's their country!!!

by Cindy Domingo



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