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Friday, April 15, 2005

Event: GrassRoots Organizing Workshop in New Hampshire

Sha'an Mouliert, a member of the Uniting for Racial Justice, Truth, Reparations, and Restoration (UFORJE) WILPF campaign is organizing the following conference. She will be facilitating Creating Caring Communities, one of UFORJE's Building Beloved Community programs.

Who: GrassRoots Organizing Workshop (GROW) New England
What: A gathering of people new to or experienced with grassroots groups from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
When: June 16-19, 2005
Where: World Fellowship Center, Conway, New Hampshire
Why: To learn from each other; understand the big picture of social change; increase skills in working with grassroots groups, be more effective in doing social action; become lifelong organizers for change
Cost: $0-90 (whatever you can pay) for the 3-4 days includes food and housing

For more information or to register contact:
Sha'an Mouliert
mouliert AT vtlink DOT net

(replace capital letters above with appropriate symbols...I am doing this to decrease the amount of spam created by publicly listing Sha'an's email address.)


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