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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

US Foreign Aid Spending in 2006

When bills are passed by the House and the Senate, they go to a review committee for reconciliation, to create a unified bill that then must be passed by both houses before it becomes law. The review committee for the foreign aid budget has completed their work. Of interest:
The bill also has $150 million in economic aid for the West Bank and Gaza region, doubling current aid and matching Bush's request. The money is only for projects approved by the U.S. Agency for International Development, not for direct budgetary assistance.

Israel would get $2.3 billion in military assistance, up $60 million from current levels and matching Bush's request. [...]

The bill also has $432 million for international family planning programs, keeping the ban Bush insists on against U.S. foreign aid funding for organizations that support or perform abortions.
From "US lawmakers agree to $20.9 bln in foreign aid," by Vickie Allen for Reuters via AlterNet

Basically, our sisters in Palestine and Israel will be bombarded by more U.S.-funded Israeli weapons and our sisters around the world will continue to have inadequate access to healthcare because of the religious beliefs of the U.S. President. I pray that our work as WILPFers, by challenging U.S. policy directly, will help alleviate the harm done by the misguided appropriations priorities of our elected representatives.


  • On Tuesday of this week my husband I attended the Baltimore Council on Foreigh Affiars program. Former U.S. Ambassador Philp C. Wilcox, Jr.spoke on "The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict." It was one of the most balanced talks from a U.S. govt. official I have ever heard. He is former Deputy Asst. Sect. of State for Near Eastern Affairs....and also President of the Foundation for Middle Eastern Peace. He emphasized the work being done by both Israelis and Palestinians for peace. His foundation gives "small" grants to groups working for peace in the Middle East. I looked up their website and think we misht want to apply for a grant...or at least find out more about what they are doing. It fits with our program...and would be, perhaps, one thing the U.S. is soing int the Middle East that we could appreciate. Just to let you know.
    Peace, Phyllis

    By Blogger Phyllis Y, at 10:47 AM  

  • Thank you, Phyllis, for your suggestion. Kate let our campaign leadership team know about your experience today. We are eager to work with all like-minded groups.

    By Blogger C.J. Minster, at 12:34 AM  

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