Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

WILPF Outraged by Claimed North Korean Nuclear Weapons Test

Today, WILPF released a statement condemning the claimed nuclear explosion by North Korea and calling on all states to work towards nuclear disarmament through the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Read the statement on WILPF's International website.

Monday, October 09, 2006

US WILPF Board Meets to Push Forward Peace & Justice Agenda

The National Board of the US Section of the WILPF met last Friday through Sunday. We struggled deeply with many issues, including passing a budget for 2007.

I'm only 28, and yet I find myself in the position of the crotchety old-timer the more board meetings I go to. When new board members suggested that we simply pledge to raise more money next year to offset our expenses, I tell them "we've been saying that every year, it's time to think realistically."

We need more members. If you're reading this blog and you're not a member, I urge you to join us. Your future, the future of your children, and the future of the world depends on it. For 91 years, the League has been at the forefront of the peace & justice movement. For us to continue in the next 91 years, it is absolutely vital that people support our work - with cold hard cash.

I know others would rather I tell you about the amazing work we're doing. And it's true - we're a fabulous, multi-issue organization. Our hands are stirring many pots for social justice and a path to peace. And I know our contribution as an organization is vital. But that's not the point. The point is that our message must reach more people - and that starts by joining us. WILPF is a membership organization and without members, we'll cease to exist. Further, as a progressive organization on the forefront of change (we've been called the most dangerous women in America; we had an ongoing dialogue with Soviet women at the height of the Cold War; we're challenging US policy on Israel / Palestine and working to preserve water as a human right), we tend to lead with actions and worry about the money later.

Well, I'm worrying about the money now. So join. Or donate. (and in the memo line, say that C.J. sent you via the blog)

All Nine Nuclear Powers Are Violating Non-Proliferation Treaty

North Korea has perhaps, probably joined the "prestigious" club of out and proud nuke owning countries. That makes eight official world-annihilators and one in the closet. (The closeted annihilator is, of course, Israel. Can't have a gendarmerie in the Middle East without giving it teeth.)

Missing from mainstream news coverage of this auspicious moment in world history is the fact that all nuclear powers - including the US - are violating the NPT.

More deets by Scott Galindez
, managing editor of Truthout.

article found via portside.

More info on the NPT via Reaching Critical Will, a project of WILPF at the UN.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Defiant WILPFer Demands Action From Senator Santorum

Marjorie Van Cleef, chair of WILPF's Rapid Response Committee, was arrested last Monday along with 13 other peace activists outside the office of Pennsylvania Senator Santorum. They refused to leave until their senator signed the Declaration of Peace Congressional Pledge.

The group was jailed over night and released pending a November 21 hearing at the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center. They were each charged with three "offenses:" defiant and criminal trespass, and conspiracy. I urge all available Philadelphia activists to attend their hearing in support of the right to peaceful protest.

Have you been involved in a congressional sit-in? Please let us know!

More information available from the Philadelphia Inquirer: "Antiwar protesters arrested outside Santorum office: The 14 activists with Brandywine Peace Community allegedly refused to leave the Center City building." by Joseph A. Slobodzian