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Monday, October 09, 2006

US WILPF Board Meets to Push Forward Peace & Justice Agenda

The National Board of the US Section of the WILPF met last Friday through Sunday. We struggled deeply with many issues, including passing a budget for 2007.

I'm only 28, and yet I find myself in the position of the crotchety old-timer the more board meetings I go to. When new board members suggested that we simply pledge to raise more money next year to offset our expenses, I tell them "we've been saying that every year, it's time to think realistically."

We need more members. If you're reading this blog and you're not a member, I urge you to join us. Your future, the future of your children, and the future of the world depends on it. For 91 years, the League has been at the forefront of the peace & justice movement. For us to continue in the next 91 years, it is absolutely vital that people support our work - with cold hard cash.

I know others would rather I tell you about the amazing work we're doing. And it's true - we're a fabulous, multi-issue organization. Our hands are stirring many pots for social justice and a path to peace. And I know our contribution as an organization is vital. But that's not the point. The point is that our message must reach more people - and that starts by joining us. WILPF is a membership organization and without members, we'll cease to exist. Further, as a progressive organization on the forefront of change (we've been called the most dangerous women in America; we had an ongoing dialogue with Soviet women at the height of the Cold War; we're challenging US policy on Israel / Palestine and working to preserve water as a human right), we tend to lead with actions and worry about the money later.

Well, I'm worrying about the money now. So join. Or donate. (and in the memo line, say that C.J. sent you via the blog)


  • Thank you, C.J., for this outstanding post. (Of course, all of your posts are excellent!) I could not agree more! We must deal directly with money if we are to continue as a MEMBERSHIP organization.

    I am a pledging member of WILPF, which means that a small amount is debited from my credit card every month. This small amount each month is not difficult for me financially, I end up paying more than my regular dues would be for a year (which helps WILPF dramatically), and I don't have to worry about renewing my membership every year.

    I urge everyone to consider this easy option for supporting WILPF. Go to http://www.wilpf.org/docs/pledge.html for more information and to sign up.

    Thank you again, C.J. Keep up the marvelous, important work!

    Yours in peace,
    Jennifer Pitino

    By Anonymous Jennifer Pitino, at 5:32 PM  

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