Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 2, Geneva

So, I will begin by saying WILPF international has some of the friendliest, most lovely and diverse people you could ever want to meet. To honor this, we had a diversity training today. We had workshops all day, with small, intimate group work as well as plenary discussions.

In the morning, we broke off into small groups and discussed our own experiences with racism. This provided a platform for genuine and truthful sharing in confidence, and also helped to bond members who perhaps otherwise wouldn't have interacted. It's hard for us to condense an entire day's worth of deep conversation on sometimes difficult subjects into one small post, but we will try to get more of our detailed notes up at a later date (when we have more time).

After lunch, we broke off into different small groups, to discuss positive ways to address the subject of diversity. We covered subject areas such as self care, recognizing differences, multiple identities, religious pluralism, and more. Afterwards we had the chance to present what we had learned to the whole group.

Later we watched Making Whiteness Visible, a film that was also shown at the US section congress last summer, followed by discussion on our own personal reactions to the theme of white privilege.

Finally, we broke off into issue committee groups, to discuss the work that needs to be done between now and the next international meeting.

Overall, a very productive day. We are tired and looking forward to tomorrow, when we get to go in the UN and hear a talk on 1325! Yippee! Now we're going to sleep.


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