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Friday, March 27, 2009

Live Blogging: PR: Getting Your Word Out

I'm attending the Women, Action, and the Media conference in Boston on behalf of WILPF. Right now I"m in a pre-conference intensive training "PR: Getting Your Work Out There - A dynamic day of media strategy for feminists and community organizers who are media savvy but not (necessarily) PR savvy"

First bit of advice: create and maintain relationships with journalists.

Remember that news rooms are losing hard news journalists, while maintaining sports coverage. Nightly news is short, primarily about celebrities and the weather. Hopefully after the intro, I'll be able to post some info that is new to y'all.

Now she's talking about "Pray the Devil Back to Hell." I'm so lucky to know Robin and to have read her post about the movie so I don't look stupid...she's pointing out that a radio journalist was instrumental in getting the women's activism promoted.

How would you categorize WILPF? I wouldn't say we're community activists, though we're definitely grounded in communities. Does it seem odd that I would not raise my hand for that category? Peace and justice activist, political activist, international change agent, yes. But not community activist. Do you disagree?


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