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Saturday, January 17, 2009

“WILPF and the Willingness to Disarm”

Wow! What an honor to the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. The article written by Richard Warren of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development highlights the work and goals of WILPF women from our beginning during World War 1 to today’s endeavors. His writing in the UN publication is not only a kind bit of spotlight but a testament to the infectious spirit of peace activism that is key to the successes of WILPF and sister organizations. The passion of each individual in her or his work sparks change. Two of our own Y-WILPF sisters, Monika and Robin, were able to experience the kind of energy which Geneva exerts in connection with her thousand cities of sisters. They are currently seeing how they can put that energy and their new perspectives into practice – see older posts!

In the ever amazingly eloquent words of Susi Snyder (who gave the best justification ever spoken to the existence and importance of the UN), Warren’s article reminds us that positive spirit has a real place in the gritty reality of acceptance that war is a “normal” international state of affairs. It’s not easy, so much so that it sometimes seems impossible to believe that people could learn to protect human dignity and rights to needs such as food, clean water, a warm enough place to sleep... heck, we still use the word “right” as if someone has to be allocated and be given something that they already have access to by dint of existing! The lies pre-exist in our language.

However, Warren is not deceived. He is convinced by WILPF’s striving that a better world can be ahead of us by the toil of many. We believe in it, and what one believes becomes one’s reality. Join us, and let’s make peace happen that much faster!

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