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Friday, March 27, 2009

Media Strategy 101 (Mahdis Keshavarz )

It's not all about national media. You can get a lot of impact out of small circulation newspapers.

Op-ed's are a good way of getting your message out.

[Interlude: someone is telling the story of the Boston Bio-Lab action, which he credited to Code Pink member Sue Gracey. Wasn't Boston WILPF the primary organization behind that action?]

Look to where you yourself get your information and reach other individuals who use those sources.

What's a media plan? Have a clear idea of who your audience is: everything from college students to community college students to college students in the Boston area; undergraduates or graduate students? Students is too large a category. Have a clear idea of your goals and communication capacity.

Do you read newspapers in print or online? Do you listen to NPR or Pacifica?

Women for Afghan Women: had been desperately trying to get attention of women under the Taliban before 9/11. After 9/11, women's situation was used as a justification for dropping bombs on Afghanistan. But with the help of a PR agency, WAW was able to get some of it's perspective out because now it's issue was seen as newsworthy.


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