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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 January: Dance Program by Dr. Kajal Muley

Author's note: originally, I was going to skip the other cultural events, to try to get my thoughts about the IB meeting up as quickly as possible. However, I was so impressed by the Indian Section's understanding of the intersections between cultural and politics, and I want to honor the work that they did to bring us a complete program by describing as much as possible. I apologize that my work schedule does not allow me to complete this reporting faster.

On Monday night, we returned to the auditorium for a classical dance program, developed by Dr. Kajal Muley. Dr. Muley received her doctorate from Gujurat Vidhyapith in "Attainment of Peace Through Music." It is such a pleasure to know that the interconnection between art and society is taken so seriously in Ahmedabad. Dr. Muley and her students performed four dances and provided a written explanation of the program.

Dr. Muley performed the first solo item, "Tal - Tintal (16 mantras)." The written description is: "Starting with Ganesh Vandana, followed by Amad, Toda, Tukda, etc."

The second dance, Paramparik Kathak, was performed by students. The description is: "Performing technical part of classical Kathak which is a pure dance form. Its contents are Paran, Parmelu, Chakradhar, Kavit, Palta, & Tihai."

Thumri, the third dance, was performed by Dr. Muley and her student. The description: "Thumri is the Bhava Portion of classical Kathak. Words of Thumri are "Biraj mein Hori Kaise Khelungi mein Savariya Ke Sung." In India Holi is the festival of colours, this thumri depicts how th Gopis will play colours with Lord Krishna."

The final piece, Maa Kalika Stuti, was performed by the students. It was a very striking piece, with multiple group poses. Together, the dancers created the image of a single god, complete with other-worldly eyes. The description: "In this program the last item will be a dance related to women Empowerment. The words of the song are "Mata Kalika....." which depicts the various images of Maa Shakti."


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