Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Friday, April 29, 2005

WILPF Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty Review Conference Activities

A message from Susi Snyder, Secretary General of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Dear WILPF members and Friends,

More than 100 of you have registered for the WILPF delegation to the nuclear NonProliferation Treaty Review Conference. Nearly 2000 NGO representatives will be gathered in New York for this event.

WILPF members will be participating in lots of different events, you can find a complete listing of all NPT events here.

WILPF members have also organized a lot of great events, and you can find the listing of WILPF events here.

Remember that WILPF, through the Reaching Critical Will project, will be publishing the only daily newsletter covering the NPT, the News In Review. You can either subscribe to that by sending an email to: nir-subscribe AT reachingcriticalwill DOT org, or you can read it online. (Replace AT with @ and DOT with . in the email address.)

Thank you all for your hard work for nuclear abolition,

This message was sent to WILPF listservs, in a slightly different form. (I created the hyperlinks and changed the email address in hopes that it wont be spammed by posting it on this site.)


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