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Monday, August 15, 2005

Grow WILPF - Become a Life Member

Mary Bricker-Jenkins, our new Program Chair on the national board, caught me at just the right time to ask me to join her in becoming a life member. I was full of excitement and brimming with ideas, having just finished a workshop on Fundraising for WILPF. Mary asked me if I was a life member. Life Membership costs $500, so clearly as a woman with no savings and $200 in her checking account, I'm not the average ask for this. Mary explained that you can pay for life membership as $50 a month for ten months. She said that my pledge would be doubled by the matching grant (which ends August 31), and asked me to join her in raising this money for WILPF. I thought about it (only briefly, because she seemed in a hurry and I was swept up in her enthusiasm) and realized that if I give up my disposable income for ten months, this is do-able.

My boyfriend thinks I should spend my time telling people about my thoughts and feelings around Congress and less on my monetary contribution. But I feel like very few people heard me when I explained how serious and deep this is for me. Life membership means I'm devoted to this organization for life. It means unlike most people, I think WILPF is important enough to seriously and deeply cut into my personal finances. It means I'm probably the youngest member to buy her own life membership. And I was the only person in her 20s to meet the 90s club challenge (looking for 90 good women in WILPF's 90th year to become life members).

A couple living at the same address can both become life members for the bargain price of $750.

Life membership is not tax deductible - since you have to pay membership directly to WILPF and not to JAPA, the Jane Addams Peace Association - our sister peace education organization. I've never personally understood everyone's obsession with tax deductions, but I thought I'd put it out there.

And to clarify to the fabulous women and men who donated money to pay for my Congress registration - I don't have any extra money and was only at Congress because of your generous contributions. I never thought I'd give up going to the movies for WILPF, but I have. I hope if you're related to me, you'll understand that in WILPF's 90th year, it is more important to me to grow this organization than it is for me to pay down my ridiculously high credit card debt or save for a vacation.

Join Mary and me. Become a Life Member. Use this link to pay US WILPF via Pay Pal.

Or print out this form and send in your $500 check today.


  • My husband and I became lifetime members while attending the Congress this month, and I signed my daughter up for a lifetime membership as a gift. What could be better? She is 20 and thrilled to begin her membership as a lifetime member of such a meaningful organization with a rich history.


    By Blogger Jeanmarie Simpson, at 9:00 AM  

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