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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Online Activists Calling for a Cease Fire

In my travels through the blogosphere this evening, I found a link to http://www.ceasefirecampaign.org

I encourage everyone to sign the petition (site sponsored by Res Publica) in support of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's call for an immediate cease fire and the deployment of an international force to stabilize the situation. (I would add that it is imperative to head UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security in all aspects of conflict resolution.)

While I admire their desire to publicize their campaign through newspaper advertisements, I must encourage you to donate to WILPF if you feel impelled to make a financial contribution to this cause. Trust me when I say you have never seen an international advocacy organization do so much on so little. (And if you don't believe me, I'd be happy to discuss our finances with sister WILPFers.)

Returning to the crisis at hand, the Jews of Lebanon have started a blog. While it is relatively new, it offers a glimpse into the frustrating history of Israeli - Arab relations. The blog's mission statement begins:
It is the intent of this blog to reestablish a connection between Lebanese of the Jewish faith around the world with their country of Lebanon. The message of coexistence and genuine national unity is not applicable so as long as a fragment from Lebanon’s mosaic of minorities is missing. If religious coexistence fails in Lebanon it will ultimately fail throughout the world.

It is the intent of this blog to provide a venue to express an adamant rejection of the intertwining of politics and humanitarian and moral endeavors. We reject the discriminatory and ignorant tendencies to equate the religion of Judaism to the politics of Zionism.
I know that a lot of people in the United States have difficulty understanding WILPF's position that Israel has the right to self defense but that it's actions in Lebanon and Gaza are disproportionate acts of aggression and that all sides should accept an immediate, unconditional cease fire. My hope is that by offering these alternative perspectives, people will have a richer understanding of the crisis.

First site found via Continental Ops' blog on The Progressive Blog Alliance HQ. Second site found via Jews sans frontieres.


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