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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 5, Geneva (sorry)

Yesterday, we discussed program, and heard reports from the various committees and working groups. During lunch YWILPF met to discuss the way forward. We determined that becoming a sub-committee of the Organizational Development Committee would allow us access to their expertise while allowing for an autonomous, respected, and integral role in WILPF development. The international board on a whole is very supportive of this.

Later we were able to present the proposals that emerged from meetings of the Pan-African and Diaspora Women's Issue Committee (PADWIC) to the board.

Finally, we had a fishbowl discussion on the situation in Afghanistan.

Then we had a social gathering, with wine and dancing and other loveliness.

We spent most of today going over financial matters and working committee matters, and in the afternoon we split off into two groups to discuss the wars in Iraq and the DRC in greater depth. Monika and I stayed with the majority of the group to discuss the conflict in the DRC, which was heated at times but educational.

Unfortunately, that is all we can offer you at this time. We will be posting more specifics for a good long time upon our return, but right now we need to sleep and recharge so that we can begin again in the morning!


  • I would so love to hear what got 'heated' during the DRC discussion!
    Robin Lloyd

    By Blogger Robin Lloyd, at 8:26 PM  

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