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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Life Would Be a Dream if Every City was Santa Cruz, California

The following update from Santa Cruz, California comes from Sandy Silver, our US Section President. Please feel free to share your experiences with WILPF on the local level via the comments section.

Last week, the Philadelphia office received an email from a UC Santa Cruz student who is a member of Students Against War. One of their goals is the demilitarization of UC institutions. They were in the midst of organizing carpools to attend the UC Regents meeting in San Francisco to protest against the continued operation of the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, and asked for WILPF's support.

The email was immediately forwarded to several WILPF members in Santa Cruz. I contacted the student and invited her to the local branch meeting, which featured a report back from the NPT meeting in New York and an upcoming protest at Vandenberg AFB. The speakers at the program were the three WILPF members who had attended the NPT meeting and who had been three of the 40,000 people who marched in New York in support of the NPT. One of the three WILPF members is the Mayor of Santa Cruz.

Although she couldn't attend, she alerted others in the Students Against War, and another student came. She made the announcement about the upcoming meeting of the UC Regents and received a very warm welcome. She stayed to hear the report back about the NPT, took lots of notes and was very enthusiastic about the work of WILPF.

The Mayor of Santa Cruz is also a faculty member at UC Santa Cruz in the Community Studies Department. After the meeting, I introduced the student to the Mayor and they immediately exchanged email addresses and he offered to post flyers and contact other faculty members. He also told her that he will be making announcements in all of his classes and will encourage other faculty members to do the same.

Another example of "Making the Connections"!!


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