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Thursday, August 25, 2005

DISARM! Committee Action Alert

The following post was submitted by Carol Urner on behalf of WILPF's DISARM! Issue Committee:

October 1 to 8 is Keep Space for Peace week and WILPF is again co-sponsoring the week internationally with Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, of which WILPF is a member.

For specific suggestions, speakers list and organizational kits, or to share information on your own plans, contact WILPF DISARM via Carol Urner at curner@qwest.net

WILPF and GN are also co-sponsoring a vigil October 8 at Vandenberg Air Force Base. You will find a flyer and information on the vigil, as well as on the WILPF A Space for Peace video, on the same website.

For background on the Peaceful Uses of Space treaty and efforts to upgrade the treaty to outlaw weapons and war in space go to PAROS on the WILPF Reaching Critical Will website.

Additional information on US space policies (missile defense and nuclear power and weapons in space) can be found on the DISARM pages of the US WILPF website.

Explore the GN website for more general information on the US programs to militarize and dominate space.

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