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Friday, March 27, 2009

PR 101: Imagery

When you give things a human face it can create interest in the most difficult or wonky stories. 

The media and your audience will respond to even stories they are fatigued by when you have images. Send links to people - don't send attachments. 

Two different agencies:

Agit-Pop Communications - viral and guerilla marketing

Media Storm - amazing video content on serious issues, but keep tight controls on content

Self promotion is extremely important. An example is Amy Goodman: she speaks virtually every night at an event. She has an outreach coordinator who gets Democracy Now! on more networks and gets her more speaking events.

If working on an issue is your main focus, then make all content available for free distribution. 

Create an echo effect: be http://davidsirota.com/ David Sirota. 

Tomorrow night there will be a dinner meeting on book publicity. People interested should meet at the registration table at 6 p.m. (this is an alternative to watching a movie tomorrow night). 


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